Smart Bet Tracker is a fully automated web application to track bets and surebets.

This is not a gambling application. You cannot place real bets. You can just track your records. We do not provide any gambling related services.

You do not need to download or install anything. You can record all your betting activity (single bets, parlay bets, surebets, valuebets) and the application provides information to monitor your performance. It works as an accounting system. You can record different kinds of transactions (deposits, bets, fees, bonuses, transfers and others) which manage your bankroll, moving money between your accounts (bookmakers and wallets) and increasing or decreasing your balance according to your investments and winnings or losses. Each transaction involves one or more accounts (bookies or wallets) and in case it is a bet, you can specify important information (sport, country, competition, event, market, outcome, etc.) for statistical data.

First step: register

In order to use Smart Bet Tracker you need to register. You can also use the guest user to try the software, but this user is shared by many people. It is not advisable to track your betting records with this account, as other people could see, modify or delete your data, as well as create new bets and transactions.

Registering is really easy. By pressing the Sign up now! button. You must fill in the registration form, providing your name and email, country, birthdate and currency. All your bets and transactions will be converted to this currency to show your current balance. That's why the currency is a mandatory field and cannot be changed after you place any bet or transaction. You should choose your local currency, or the currency you use in most bookmakers.

As soon as you register you will receive an email with instructions to confirm your registration. You won't be able to login until you confirm your registration.

Second step: setup accounts (bookmakers and wallets)

You need at least one bookmaker account in order to use Smart Bet Tracker to place bets.

By selecting Add account from the Settings menu and completing the relevant data - name, type, currency and other information you can set up your accounts. There are two accounts types: books and wallets. Books can be used for any transaction - bets, transfers, bonus, etc. - while wallets cannot be used to place bets. Most information is optional, but it is mandatory to choose the currency. All bets and transactions using this account will be recorded using this currency. If this currency is different from the user currency (the one established when you registered), all transactions will be converted to the user currency. You can manage exchange rates between your currencies.

You can tell if this account is a favorite or not. Favorite accounts are shown on your home page.

Third step: initial transactions

Before tracking your bets you should set your current balance on all your accounts. When you created your accounts, their balance is 0. Balances are only updated by placing transactions - so everything is auditable. The transaction used to add money to your accounts is the investment transaction. It represents adding money from outside (non tracked accounts) to your accounts (tracked accounts).

By selecting Place transaction from the Transactions menu and completing the relevant data - type, date and time, amount and account, you can place transactions. There are seven transaction types: investment, collect, bonus, fee, adjust, transfer and other. Transfers are the only transaction that do not change your balance. It just moves money between two accounts (bookmakers or wallets), converting currencies using the exchange rate if necessary.

Fourth step: track your bets

Finally, it's time to track you activity.

By selecting Single bet! or Multiple bet! from the Bets menu and completing the relevant data - accounts, stakes, odds, date and time, etc., you can place bets.

You can record very detailed information about the event and your bet.

About the event:
  • sport
  • continent (should only be used for continental competitions - otherwise use only the country)
  • country
  • date
  • time
  • competition
  • event (teams or description)
About the bet:
  • date
  • time
  • account
  • bet type
  • stake
  • odds
  • payout
  • commission
  • market (home/draw, over/under, etc.)
  • outcome (home, away, over, etc.)
  • result (pending, won, lost, void, etc.)
  • tipster

One of the easiest ways to place a bet is to find the event before placing the bet. Smart Bet Tracker provides the list of all events and markets available on Betfair. Finding an event is very easy. You can navigate through the available sports and then the continents, countries and competitions, until you reach the event you are looking for. In example, search for Football | Spain | Primera Division | Barcelona vs Real Madrid. You could also start by region - continent, country, competitions (all sports), etc. But the quickiest way is using the search field on the top menu. Just enter any part of the name of the event you are looking for and the application will search all matching events. The search can be done by teams, players (on individual competitions), competition name, country name or sport name.

After finding the event you can press the Bet! button and all information about the event (teams, date and time, country, etc.) will be populated in the bet form. You will only need to fill the information about your bet. Another aproach is the navigate inside the event and search for the market and odds you want to bet. Smart Bet Tracker also provides the odds available on Betfair.. In such case, if you press the Odd you want to bet, almost all information on the bet form will be completed. You will only need to provide the account (bookmaker) and stake.

If you place normal bets that's all you need to know. If you wanna place arbitrage bets, you have several ways. Arbitrage bets are a set of normal bets placed on all outcomes of a market (for example, betting over 2.5 goals in a match and also betting under 2.5 goals in the same match. In the market view of an event you will find a green button to place a surebet within this market. You can also place arbitrage bets just entering two or more bets (independently) and then grouping them with the Make a surebet from existing bets button under Bets. The bets that will form a Surebet must have the surebet type. You can also Make a surebet from scratch. This will create all the bets and group them in a surebet.


Last step: analyze

Let's see how well we are doing!

You can analyze you betting performance using the graphs and reports provided. at least the following reports are available:

  • Bets over time
  • Balances over time
  • Account balances
  • Accounts indicators
  • Global indicators
  • Analysis by sport, competition or tipster

Other features

Many other features are available and will be added in the future. Just to mention...

  • Manage tipsters
  • Manage preferences (default accounts, stakes, etc.)
  • Different subscriptions plans, starting with the completely free subscription
  • Export all information to excel
  • More reports are available and many reports and graphs will be added

Manage anything

You can record any bet, even if you don't find the sport, competition, event, market or odds. The information about sports, competitions, events, markets and odds are provided to make it easier to record your bets, and to allow automatic bet settlement, but you can set all this data by yourself. Just choose the "Single bet!" or "Multiple bet!" options on the "Bets" button.

Competitions, events, markets, outcomes and odds are provided by Betfair and are subject to change.

All feedback is very welcome. Contact us